What are the Regional Investments Involving Syrians ?

According to statistics of Directorate General of Migration Management there are 3,5 million Syrians under temporary protection in Turkey by February, 2018. Republic of Turkey supports Syrians to participate in labor force and to take an active role in society as investors in cooperation with international organizations.

We may review these data to apprehend the potential of contributions of Syrian investors to both their own communities and to Turkey.

  • Between 2011-2016 nearly 4000 enterprises that Syrians established either individually or jointly with Turkish partners was determined.
  • It Is estimated that the number of enterprises started by Syrians individually in 2017 was approximately 2000.
  • According to statistics of Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, total value of investments funded by Syrians until 2017 reached 360 million US dollars.
  • Between 2013 and 2017, enterprises started by Syrians constitute 25% of total number of organizations started by foreigners in Turkey. These enterprises are especially centered on regions that are close to Syria-Turkey border.  

One of these efforts is “Expanding Economic Opportunities for Syrian Refugees and Host Communities” project supported and carried out by International Labor Organization. the project is carried out in Sanliurfa, Gaziantep, and Mardin. Within the project, both challenges and incentives in opening these regions to Syrian investors has been explained.

Again, within the scope of the project, the meeting “Challenges Syrian Businesspersons Face in Investment Process and Opportunities in Sanliurfa for Syrian Investors” was held on February, 2017.

80 Syrian investors and relevant public institutions and local investors came together for the purpose of opening and facilitating the refugee investments.  Karacadag Development Agency, a local corporation, informed Syrian investors about investment incentives and opportunities.

Above all, participant organizations (International Labor Organization [ILO], Sanliurfa Governorship, Sanliurfa Municipality, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sanliurfa, Karacadag Development Agency, Syrian Friendship Association and Anatolian Lions Businessman Association [ASKON] Sanliurfa Branch) stated that they would support Syrian investors in their regional investments.

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