What are the Notary Procedures Required to Start a Business in Turkey?

When you determine the type of your company, you have to register The Articles of Association that you have prepared in MERSIS (Central Registration System). To do so, you have to register in MERSIS  first. You can access the MERSIS system of Ministry of Customs and Trade from here.

What is MERSIS? MERSIS is the central information system of Ministry of Customs and Trade of Turkey. The purposes of the system are that registration, change and abandonment procedures of companies and commercial enterprises are conducted electronically; that trade register entries, and the contents to be registered and announced are stored and presented in electronic environment.

After system registry, you must log information in The Articles of Association item by item in relevant sections. When you log all required information in the system, the system will assign a register number in the confirmation step. You must go to a notary with this register number.

Notary Procedures

You must go to a notary with your MERSİS register number and The Articles of Association. Then you should deliver your register number to a notary public. Six copies of The Articles of Association should be signed by shareholders in the presence of a notary public and should be ratified and received by the notary public.   

Another procedure that must be carried out at a notary office is to have written request of registration prepared. The person with representative authority should have a written request of registration (signature declaration) prepared so as to deliver it to Trade Registry Office. Nationality, identity number (foreigner tax identification number and foreigner identification number starting with 99), notary certified passport copy and certified residence permit must be attached to this document.

Likewise, you must notarize your identity card copies to deliver them during the notice of commencement process in Tax Office.

Note: Documents prepared, notarized, and apostilled out of Turkey must be a) confirmed by Turkish Consulate in hometown; b) translated into Turkish and confirmed by a notary public in Turkey.

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