Siniora Sweets

Siniora Sweets is one of the first shops to open in Istanbul six years ago which had their first branch in Fındıkzade. The owners of the shop are mainly the pioneers of sweets in Aleppo, who began their journey in Istanbul in partnership with al-Salloura (another well-known sweets brand from Aleppo) until they eventually operated in their own separate shop. Siniora sweets, in general, have their distinctive varieties that are not comparable to Turkish sweets such as nammura, assiyyeh, balluriyeh, othmalliyeh and others, in addition to the fact that the baklava itself is different in terms of preparation than its Turkish cousin.

Siniora sweets does not suit all customer segments given their relatively higher prices per kilo and the traditionally expensive Turkish sweets market, since they mainly consist of pistachios and nuts imported from Gaziantep. Siniora further produces its sweets using animal-extracted ghee resulting in high quality of taste that is not offered in most other sweets. This quality has had the greatest impact in the spread of the reputation of Siniora in Turkey and its attractiveness to the Turkish costumers and tourists from all countries. The owners mention some orders sent to China and the Maldives as examples of the variety of the tourists, in addition to customers coming all the way from the Anatolian side of Istanbul to try out their sweets.

Siniora sweets attract up to 25% of regular Turkish customers, as the varieties of Aleppo sweets appeal to them from the first try. The shop owners aspire to expand Siniora further after having already established their second branch in front of Aksaray Metro station as well as Taiba shop for Falafel that recently started in Fındıkzade, and continue to spread the taste of Allepo sweets in Istanbul.

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