The Syrian artist Ali Omar attributes his constant curiosity that drives him to explore and research to his deep desire to understand what is around him and to learn more. His paintings are nothing but a glimpse to the depth of his exploratory career. His art is the language he relies upon to express what’s on his mind. And he is particularly concerned with the aspects of the human soul such as beauty, belonging, identity, and the duality between the body and soul.

Ali grew up in a Kurdish village in the north of Syria. He was passionate about painting since he was a kid, and insisted on studying fine arts and doing this for a living after graduation. Unfortunately, he traveled to Istanbul in 2014 to pursue his career of art in a city rich in history and art. Despite his conviction that his love and passion for painting are not bound by where he lives, yet Istanbul has influenced his paintings, in one way or another, in which he portrays the human nature with its past and future. Istanbul is also rich in various kinds of modern arts such as photography rather than painting, but he is usually a fan of the classics. Istanbul might not be the perfect place for an artist to earn a living, as the market for art in general is not easy even for the Turks themselves. However, Ali chose to stay there rather than travel to Europe, and was able to promote most of his works in group exhibitions and market them through some friends he met there.

The Syrian artist Ali Omar
The Syrian artist Ali Omar

Ali was also able to open his first personal exhibition for his collection under the name “portraits” which consists of large colourful paintings, and the exhibition had a good media coverage. His collection is about human expressions and feelings that manifest in portraits of older people who are often inspired by his imagination and dreams. The idea of expressions lies in their connection to reality and the lack of it at the same time, which allows each viewer to interpret them in a unique and different way.  Recently, some of Ali’s work has been displayed in Switzerland, though he wasn’t able to obtain a visa to be present himself, and hopes that his work will become more popular in the future.

Web Page;  eliemer.com/blog


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The Syrian artist Ali Omar attributes his constant curiosity that drives him to explore and research to his deep desire to understand what is...

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