After working in the nuts and dried fruits business for several years in Damascus, Mr. Rashid moved to Istanbul several months ago to start a new journey. Once he found a partner to provide him with the very basics he needed, he started his profession again and opened the Naqshbandi shop for nuts and dried fruits in a quiet side street in karagümrük in the Fatih district. Mr. Rashid considers the dried fruits Syrian market to be richer than its Turkish counterpart and therefore he targets Syrians in the area who would prefer to purchase what they cannot find in the Turkish shops such as black seeds, pumpkin seeds and roasted pistachios.

Mr. Rasheed manages the shop alone, and despite his lack of command of the Turkish language, he has managed to secure all the needs through a network of Syrian dried fruits traders that have grown in numbers gradually and established themselves throughout different Turkish cities. Therefore, it is not difficult for him to secure pistachios and nuts from Gaziantep or Istanbul itself. There was also no significant difficulties in the registration procedures or obtaining a license from the relevant institutions, because the sector of nuts and ​​dried fruits is considered as complementary and not subject to high control measures as in restaurants or dairy businesses. He further sustains that demand is relatively high even by the Turkish residents for the lack of similar shops in his particular neighbourhood.

Mr. Rasheed is still at the beginning of his journey in Istanbul and aspires to expand his shop or perhaps move to a better location in the near future. He further advices any young entrepreneur to think carefully before starting his own project if he does not have sufficient experience, especially in the field of dried fruits, which requires familiarity with the details and varieties of the roasting methods. This is in addition to learning Turkish as a mean to break the barrier of communication in the future.

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