“Mosaic” Choir

For her belief in the ability of music to heal and soften the hearts of listeners, Maysa Al-Hafez, who came to Turkey four years ago, initiated the choir of Istanbul Oriental Mosaic (later became the International Mosaic choir), which includes participants of different ages and countries.

They sing in Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, Armenian, Persian, Syriac, among others. The choir has flourished and expanded to perform on many theatres. One of the most important characteristics of the choir members is that they are mostly migrants intended by destiny to meet and perform together in Istanbul despite their different destinations, and some of them migrated to Europe to be replaced by another passing member, whether from Syria or other origins.

Miss Maysa, who’s originally from Damascus with considerable musical experience both in Syria and Lebanon, believes that the most important part of the choir is its Oriental music, which is not confined to the Syrian colour, and which is one an essential reason for the continuation of the choir and its wide reception by the audience.

Therefore, presenting the melodies in various languages ​​through a choir of Syrians and foreigners contributes to presenting a beautiful picture of the culture of the Syrians, which was distorted by the war. The success of the choir is impressive, given that they had no material support but the commitment of its volunteer members and the little money they have accumulated through their activities over time, which have provided greater stability for the band’s growth.

mosaic choir
“Mosaic” Choir

The members of the choir aspire to spread their idea to as many Syrians as possible around the world to spread hope for a better tomorrow.

Maysa also aspires to expand the idea of ​​the choir to an organisation that goes beyond the geography of Istanbul or Turkey, which is currently being achieved by the foundation of her project (A Better Tomorrow) in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam in cooperation with several international sponsors, including the United Nations. As such, the activities of the choir have now spread from Turkey to the world through the recent events in Amsterdam and Europe.

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