Investment Support Programs for Refugees in Turkey

In addition to incentive programs aimed at all foreign investments in Turkey, there are also investment supports and incentives for particular refugees.

Human Development Foundation (INGEV)

Human Development Foundation (INGEV) has set up a support line for refugee entrepreneurs in cooperation with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (BMMYK), ActHuman Social Inclusion İnitiative and Istanbul Policy Center. Support line issues are as follows:

> General issues related to Legal and Financial Regulation

> General issues related to Incorporation and Corporate Management

> Practical suggestions for employment

> Incentive and loan facilities.

You may contact Refugee Entrepreneurs Support Line on 0552 111 44 44 or on

InnoCampus Refugee Entrepreneurship Program

InnoCampus is a mobile accelerator and FabLab program assisting young entrepreneurs to put their ideas into practice by travelling different cities. InnoCampus is a mobile system composed of three containers that can be installed and removed in a day and it travels from city to city. InnoCampus has gotten together with young entrepreneurs in Gaziantep and Urla and helped them to develop business plan, then enabled them to put their plans into practice by providing grant. In Urla, InnoCampus has run a program in cooperation with International Organization for Migration (IOM); within this program, young entrepreneurs working in 11 separate teams presented their creative ideas and projects of three teams received a grant in the end. Within this period, young entrepreneurs had been given lectures on business management, finance, market strategies and design, prototype production and branding. Refugees Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program will keep on in Sanliurfa and Hatay.


SPARK supported by British Asfari Foundation is an institution in Gaziantep, providing scholarship for higher education and organizing trainings on the purpose of supporting entrepreneurship among the youth in particular.

SPARK, in cooperation with Gaziantep University, Harran University, and Mustafa Kemal University, organizes trainings and workshops covering topics such as entrepreneurship, economic empowerment, civil leadership and right advocacy as well as it provides scholarships so as to enable Syrian refugees to continue their higher education. In 2015, SPARK organized Gaziantep Young Entrepreneurs Program and gave the opportunity of set up their own organizations to both young Turkish and Syrian people as well as provided trainings for creating work plans and management to them.  

Building Markets

Building Markets was established in 2004 on the purpose of poverty reduction in regions affected by crisis and of supporting local enterprises. Building Markets aims to bring small and medium-scaled organizations together with new business opportunities, markets, and capital. The institution offers service in various countries including Turkey in the world has reached out over 230 Syrian entrepreneurs by setting up an internet platform in our country. Building Markets, pointing out the increase in number of Syrian entrepreneurs in Turkey, aims to assist entrepreneurs in supply chain, financing, and investment opportunities through this project. If you are a Syrian entrepreneur having a small or middle-scaled business in Turkey, we strongly suggest you visit this website.  


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