How to obtain a work permit in Turkey?

The process of obtaining a work permit in Turkey might seem complicated, even exhausting. But it you follow the guideline step by step, you will see that it is pretty easy.

Before starting:

To apply for a work permit in Turkey, you should find an employer who is willing to work with you and provide you the necessary documents for the permit. So firstly, make sure that your possible employer is on board.

> If you are not already in Turkey:

If you wish to obtain your work permit before arriving Turkey, you should contact the consulate of the Republic of Turkey in your country of residence and provide the following documents: A labor contract, a letter of assignment or a document stating company partnership. Afterwards, your possible employer in Turkey is required to make both online and direct application to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, providing the required information and documents within 10 days.

> If you are already in Turkey:

If you wish to apply for a work permit after arriving Turkey, first make sure that you are residing in Turkey legally. To be able to apply for a work permit, you should first obtain a residence permit. Then, you can directly apply online to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security via e-Government. Once you make your online application, your employer is required to provide the necessary documents to the Ministry by e-mail or in person.

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