Debs and Remman

Debs and Remman restaurant was founded in 1981 in the Bab Sharki area of ​​Damascus, and it carried out the tradition of introducing the oriental Syrian cuisine to locals and tourists in Istanbul three months ago as it has opened in the center of Ak-shems Al-Din Street in Fatih. The restaurant specializes in the well-known Syrian and Arabic offerings such as Uzi, fried kebbeh, Shakria, Fattet Makdous, Indian Kebab, Labneh, Mloukhieh and many other varieties.

The restaurant is located on a lively street frequented by Syrians and Turks alike, in addition to the attractive interior design that expresses the Syrian spirit in the aesthetics of the traditional Damascene house and its simplicity as a reminder of the Syrian people. Debs and Remman restaurant is considered by the Health Directorate inspector as one of the best restaurants in Fatih and Sultan Ahmet districts in terms of hygiene standards both in and outside the kitchen. And this might explain why, unlike other restaurants in the same street, Debs and Remman attracts Turks and tourists more often than Syrians, as it has also been visited by twice by Bilal Erdogan, the son of the Turkish president with his wife, despite the relative short time since the restaurant first opened.

For Mr. Ahmed, the manager of the restaurant, Debs and Remman is based on a meticulous management and research of the best quality standards and customer service in Istanbul, to the extent that the lamb meat is imported from Syria to suit the taste of authentic Syrian dishes. It is one of the few restaurants that have paid close attention to full legal recruitment procedures, kitchen licenses, and hygiene standards since its inception. As for the competition for Syrian cuisine with other well-known restaurants such as the Sarouja, which is located in the same street, Ahmed says that this is an advantage for the street as a whole and that they have a friendly relationship with the owners of these restaurants. Debs and Remman also aspires to expand and open branches in new places that are often targeting Turks, such as Başakşehir and Nişantaşı.

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