Burger Sirloin

After seven years of experience in the field of burgers in Iraq, the Sultan brothers moved to Istanbul last summer to establish their own Burgers Restaurant on Akdeniz Street in the beginning of this year.

The idea of ​​Burger Sirloin is to offer a world-class burger of high quality standards not found in the fast food restaurants spread around. Their meals include: Jadur burger (onions and grilled tomatoes with sauces), opera burger (with Salami), eggs burger (with eggs and special Sirloin sauce) Sirloin (the burger itself is stuffed with cheese and salami), among others.

What distinguishes the Sirloin burger is that all ingredients of their meals whether the vegetables, sauces, or meat are fresh and non-manufactured products, besides, Mr. Sultan has assured that he does not buy meat unless it is chopped right before him. This is in addition to the variety of special sauces that exist only in the Sirloin burger developed and discovered within their years experience of its owners in the field.

As burgers are universal, they appeal to all customers, which is why the Turkish costumers frequent the restaurant more often than the Arabs. The restaurant prices are competitive and suitable for the majority of the neighbourhood’s customers compared to other restaurants.

Mr. Sultan explains that the field of ​​burgers is far from the oriental food and the competitiveness of Arab restaurants in the area.

Burger customers do not necessarily like the taste of Syrian restaurants, so they do not find direct competitors in their surroundings. He also stresses that despite his lack of knowledge of the Turkish language, the language of food knows no boundaries, especially if the experience is combined with delicious taste.

Finally, he urges young people to gain experience in running their own projects as soon as they get the chance.

Facebook Page ; facebook.com/Burger-Sirloin

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