Al-Shami Cuisine

Al-Shami Restaurant was opened four years ago at Herhar Street in Aksaray to his owner Mr. Fawaz who has a long experience in this field, it is one of the first restaurants in this street and in the region in general. The restaurant offers a variety of oriental and western meals widespread in Syrian restaurants such as Kabsa, Shish Tavuk, Kentucky chicken, Fajita, Crispy, roasted chicken, Falafel and Shawarma sandwiches, as well as appetisers and breakfasts meals such as fatta and others.

One of the main advantages for this restaurant is the lack of competition on Herhar Street, which, although vital, has not been the hubbub of Syrian restaurants, as in other major streets of Fatih. And therefore the restaurant has a high turnout of Arabs and Turks of the neighbourhood due to competitive prices that suit the nature of the population of that area. For Mr. Fawaz, the turnout, although acceptable, has been relatively low compared to the first years of the restaurant. The reason for this is the low tourism traffic in the area, the fact that the street’s liveliness has decreased somewhat, and prices that have been rising during in the past period.

Al-Shami Cuisine
Al-Shami Cuisine

Mr. Fawaz points to the problem of monthly rent taxes on the restaurant, and explains that this affects the Syrian restaurants in particular because most of the Turkish restaurants enjoy ownership of their space rather than rent. He also remarks that the past policy of the Turkish government’s to overlook certain regulations and facilitate Syrian businesses is gradually reversing six years after the Syrians have migrated to Turkey, as he was recently asked to employ his workers legally, which many immigrants still can not abide by. Mr. Fawaz hopes in the near future to move his restaurant to a better location and expand in a manner commensurate with the current economic conditions.

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