The Adwhit website is a Turkish guide for Arab visitors that began five years ago and has spread remarkably due to the favourable change in the relations between the Arabs and Turkey in terms of tourism and economy. The site offers a good deal of information on Turkey, as well as marketing and advertising Turkish products and services in general. The site is an effective way to reach a wide range of Arab audience both inside and outside Turkey as it offers extensive information on the latest news, job opportunities, service companies, exhibitions, weather forecasts, currency prices and prayer times.

Adwhit is certainly not an individual effort, and it is one of the Arab examples of corporal success in Turkey with capital that is commensurate with the volume of its service. Nevertheless, the recent expansion of the site compared to similar directory sites is an achievement on more than one ground in the digital world. Firstly, the site gradually succeeded in contracting with many Turkish brands by displaying their goods and marketing them digitally. It started with few products and is currently presenting thousands, which allowed the site to establish an additional shopping site, a precedent for the Arab shopping sites in Turkey. Secondly, due to the increasing demand in the past period, Adwhit has been able to offer marketing services in the field of real estate, which makes it one of the leading Arab sites in the sector of Turkish real estate. Thirdly, Adwhit which is located in the Sisli region of Istanbul has further expanded by establishing “Adwhit logistics”, which provides logistic services as an extension of its advertising and e-shopping platforms.



There is still a lot ahead for Adwhit to achieve in the field of digital competition with its counterparts of Turkish directories and e-commerce websites, yet its capacity to attract hundreds of thousands of Arab visitors grants it a great commercial advantage in Turkey in the years to come.


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